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This is my space, where I share my pictures and a little of my lifestyle with friends and family. was created back in 2004 and it has been expanded several times. Last addition is the section about DK, providing some information and pictures of nice places to visit in Denmark. I hope you find it useful in case you are intending to visit Denmark.

Future changes: I've been considering deleting the session about Brazil due to lack of material.
On the other hand I have been thinking about translating the "tales" section - only available in Portuguese - which is a mini autobiography, where I tell crazy, but true, stories about my life.
We'll see if I soon will have time to get this done. :)

Below you find an overview of what you will find in

Thank you for your visit, and I hope to see you again soon. in Portuguese
my picture

From trips and outings
From the snowy and sunny days
Some amazing "Kodak moments"

Pictures from the flowers and birds
My garden during the different seasons of the year
Encounters with animals that visit the garden

The story of how I became interested in playing the piano
What I've been doing lately and videos

C & C
Cris and Carsten, Cris in Brazil, Carsten in Denmark, the story of how we met
Our wedding, the interview to one of Denmark's largest newspapers
We made the front page, between Madonna and the former Prime Minister

Pictures from Copenhagen and Denmark in general
Suggestions of nice places to visit and tips for travellers

This was a large project, that I might discontinue.
In the clickable map you'll be able to locate interesting places in Brazil
Link to the website in English. It is a website dedicated to Cris and Carsten, a lovely couple living in Denmark.

Link to my blog, created in 2011. Posts are in Portuguese.

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