Citadel and surroundings



There are several attractions located around the citadel, as the Little Mermaid sculpture, the Gefion Fountain, St. Alban Church, Amalienborg Castle and the Marble Church. All these places can be reached by foot while you take a nice walk along the Long Line Promenade.

Citadel (Kastellet)

Pictures of KastelletThe fortification is called Katellet and it was built in the form of a pentagram. Although Kastellet still hosts several military activities, the area now is a public park and a popular place to go for a walk or jogging in a sunny day.

You can enter Kastellet either by the North Gate (photo beside) or by the South Gate (large picture above).

Among the buildings you'll find a church and a prison, built together. There are small peek holes on the wall of the prision from where you can see the interior of the church. I was told that the prisioners were allowed to watch the church services through the holes.

There is an old windmilll in the area as well, and every October 28th it is tested.

Kastellet has a nice story that you can read about on the net. If you have the time, take a look at this aerial photo, where you can see the pentagram shape of Kastellet.

From here, if you leave by the South Gate, you'll immedately see the St. Alban Church and the Gefion fountain.


Gefion fountain (Gefionspringvandet)

Gefion fountain is located near Kastellet and St. Alban Church. It features Gefion (Gefjon), a legendary Norse goddess and this fountain was a gift to the city of Copenhagen from Carslberg on the occation of the brewery's 50-year anniversary.

From this site you can continue your tour along Lanelinie promenade either to the right, where you will reach the Amalienborg Castle and Nyhavn, or to the left, towards the Little Mermaid.


Long Line Promenade (Langelinie)

The promenade extends from the South marina until the North Pier. It's a nice way to stroll from Amalienborg Castle to the Little Mermaid, passing the Gefion Fountain and Kastellet on the way.

It's allowed to ride a bike on Long Line Promenade. You can find a city bike rack at Nyhavn (the old harbor), which is located quite close to Amalienborg, and borrow a bike there.



The Little Mermaid (Lille Havfrue)

Pictures of the little mermaidThe most famous attraction of Denmark. When I first arrived in DK everybody asked if I had already visited the little mermaid, and said that I had to see the statue, and so on. When I finally had an opportunity to visit the site I got utterly disappointed, as I was expecting something magnificent.

The statue is quite small and is located in an area with a horrible view. In addition to this, as the statue is victim of vandalism relatively often, there might be a chance that you won't find a statue at all. Several times the statue had its had cut off, other times it was covered in pink paint. In 2010 the statue was absent from its location for several months during the high season as it was borrowed to an exposition in China.

This statue too was commissioned by Carlsberg, in 1909. The mermaid figure is somehow connect to the stories of H. C. Andersen - a Danish author famous for his children's stories as The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Dukling - but I have the impression that the reason for its construction was different.



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