Churches of Denmark



I like to visit churches for their architecture and for the beauty of their stained glasses, paintings and organs. I also find that the tall walls and archways give a feeling of religiosity and I think it is relaxing to take a seat and medidate for a second. Some of the churches I've visited in Denmark are lovely and worth a minute of your attention.

Marble Church

Frederik's Church, better known as The Marble Church, is located in the vicinity of Amalienborg, the residence of the queen.

It has the third largest dome in the world (after The Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in Vaticano and Saint Paul's Cathedral in London).

This is a little beautiful church. The perfect place to sit down in peace and quiet. Entrance if free of charge. Because this church belongs to the state, any citizen can have their wedding or a baptism here.

I haven't managed to take good pictures in The Marble Church, but you will find a nice slide show in their official website.



Roskilde Cathedral

Located in the city of Roskilde, about 30 minutes from Copenhagen. All Danish queens and kings are burried there, including a few viking kings as Harald Blue-tooth and Sven Fork-beard.

The altar is magnificent and some sarcophagi too. As a matter of fact some of the sarcophagi are placed in a basement-like area, somewhat dark, and it can be a little creepy to go down there.

By the way, you have to pay to enter this church, and if I recall properly the admission fee differs depending whether you choose to visit the small museum or not. Honestly I did not think the museum was that impressive and in my opinion the guided tour was quite tiresome. Nevertheless they have some interesting artifacts in exposition. I will soon post the album here.


St. Alban Church

The only Anglican Church in Copenhagen. It's located near the Gefion fountain and the Little Mermaid sculpture.

I recall one day I was taking pictures of the church and the priest called me and asked if I would like to see the church inside. He asked me where I was from and then gave me a leaflet with information about the church. He had a selection of leaflets in several languages available and the one he handed me was in Portuguese, my mother tongue. I thought it was very thoughtful of him. By the way: Lovely church.


Church of the Holy Spirit

It's located In the center of Copenhagen, at the pedestrian street (Stroeget) near the Stork Fountain. This church offers many entertainment activities in the evenings, as concerts of classical music and choir.

From the outside I found it difficult to recognize that this building is a church. It's a little hidden by sellers and the crowd. Besides there are always so many things going on around you at Stroeget that you don't really pay attention to the buildings. But on day I was walking with a couple of friends when they asked what was in there. I had to say: "Don't know, let's find out". We were impressed with the greatness of the paintings and the organ, which is in really good shape for the recitals.





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