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The castle above is Frederiksborg. It's the one I like the most.



Rosenborg in picturesLocated in the center of Copenhagen. You can visit the interior of this castle, the Crown Jewels and the Royal Garden.

The interior is very rich. Many well kept furniture, china and objects. After having seen the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, I have to say that I prefer the way the jewels are exposed in Rosenborg. A lot less queue.

Behind the palace you will find the Royal Garden. Very popular place during the warm months of the year. It's very common to see people having picnic on the lawn or sun bathing half-naked.

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 Frederiksborg in picturesLocated in Hilleroed, about 30 minutes from Copenhagen.

Its architecture, church and garden are magnificent. Visiting its interior as well as the gardens is worthwhile. Due to the size of the palace, I say it takes at least 2 hours to visit all rooms.

I'm not very fond of paintings, but I do think that some of the pictures exposed here are very nice. Click on the image to see pictures.


City Hall

In the heart of Copenhagen, the actual building was inaugurated in 1905. Its tower is 107 meters high and you can see the whole city from up there. I've never been to the tower but I believe that you have to pay a fee to use the elevator and there might be a large queue. Honestly, if you are going to visit the round tower, which is a short walk from the city hall, then I believe the view from there is even better, as the tower is 210 meters high.

There are public restrooms in this building and in the center of the castle you will find a cozy garden, where you can relax.




Kronborg in pictures

The castle of Hamlet. Located in Helsingoer, about 50 minutes from Copenhagen, this castle has a very nice history.

I've heard that a project running up to 2010 intended to make this castle more attractive. I don't know how it is now, but all the times I was there (last time was in 2006) I thought it was a bit disappointing. The interior looks very empty. Just some very ugly paintings and a couple of worn costumes that were used when Hamlet was staged in the courtyard of the Castle. Apart from that, I like that here one can visit the basement/dungeons of the castle. Down there you will find a statue of the legendary Ogier the Dane.

If you enjoy nautical objects, then you might like visiting the Museum of the Sea, connected to this castle. It's very simple but interesting. Click on the image to see pictures.



Christiansborg in picturesThe house of the Parliament in Copenhagen. Many palaces were built in this very same spot, but were destroyed by fires. Beneath the actual castle one can visit the ruins of the old palace.

I haven't seen the ruins yet, but if you click on the image you will see a couple of shots I took from the interior of the main house.




The house of the Queen when she is in Copenhagen. This castle is comprised of four palaces interconnected by underground passages. The palace with the greatest number of chimneys (five) is the house of the queen, and if the flag is flying, then she is at home. Danish tourist guides like to joke saying that her palace has the greatest number of chimneys because the queen smokes so much.

Fotos do castelo Amalienborg

Only one palace is open to the public and honestly it is only worth the visit if you have already purchased a combined ticket Rosenborg + Amalienborg.

If you are in the center of the castle area, to one side you have the Marble Church and to the other side, by the sea line, you have the garden of the castle overlooking the new Opera House. The picture below was taken from a boat and here you have a full line view: Gardens, castle and the church on the back.

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Pìcture of the Amalienborg castle and the marble church



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